Best Easter dinner ideas that are useful too

Every festival, be it Christmas or Easter has its own charm which brings a feel good factor to the entire festive environment. To mark the specialness of a festival, food plays a very significant role. When friends and family come together in celebrations, it is the food that one shares on the same table that completes the festivities. Although tradition plays a vital role in celebrating any festival, one can add his own twists to the recipes and intertwine her own style so as to come with great Easter dinner ideas. Here are some dinner ideas for the festival of Easter which makes one weave tradition with a bit of personal touch.


Some interesting Easter dinner recipes

  1. As one of the easiest and useful Easter dinner ideas, deviled eggs and its variants go very well for the Easter dinner. One might really not know what to do with all the Easter eggs, so one can try serving deviled eggs in their traditional form or could try something unique with all those hard boiled eggs. Experimenting with different types of cheese and meat can lead to some really interesting versions of deviled eggs. Add a sauce like mustard or mayonnaise or just plain lemon juice to add an exciting flavor to the eggs.
  2. The Easter bunny creation on the dinner table is a must to add charm to one’s table. One can think of some bunny creations that are different so as to come up with new Easter dinner ideas. One can try making a bunny cake which is sure to win accolades or could go in for bunny cookies which are usually the kids’ favorite. One can also bake bread which is shaped like a bunny or if one has a hand at making chocolates, then small bunny chocolates is also an exciting idea. Even a bunny salad is a nice side dish.
  3. Adding a ham dish to the Easter dinner table completes The Easter dinner menu holistically. One can go in for the traditional ham recipes or could try something like Glazed Easter ham or Stuffed ham or asparagus ham roll ups and other such dishes.
  4. As far as the Easter dinner ideas for appetizers go, one can try the deviled eggs or baked or stuffed baby potatoes. Other appetizers could be garlic bread, Antichoke spinach dip in a bread roll or Antichoke tartlets.
  5. A side dish can render completion to any dinner table and if one is looking for Easter dinner side dish variants then Asparagus and sun dried tomatoes, scalloped potatoes, Sautéed carrots and peas are simple and quick to prepare.
  6. One can add that cherry on the top by adding a beautiful dessert to complete her Easter dinner menu. Cheesecakes and pies go very well on this lovely family festival. One can try Almond cheesecakes or brownies or other such variants for the sweet lovers. One can look for such great Easter dinner ideas online for a beautiful spread.

Easter Dinner Ideas to make it a success

The Easter party will always be decorated with lightings, balloons and streamers, but dinner is the most important thing to be considered to make your festival a grand success. This creates the importance for setting up a master plan before arranging such events. The Easter dinner must be kept simple and quite different from the traditional ones. The standard food arranged must be reflection of your family’s culture and pride. The food and soft drinks must be appealing to each and everybody’s preferences.


Main Dishes for Easter Dinner:

  1. Garlic Prime Rib: The dish can be made in very quick time and easy manner, and also of great taste.
  2. Roasted Rack of Lamb: is seared one encrusted with garlic and Dijon mustard, flavoured bread crumbs.
  3. Apricot Brown Sugar Ham: is a succulent ham served as a complement to many other side dishes and is a very tasty one.
  4. Baked Ham with sweet Glaze: is baked with tangy glaze, cherries and pineapple especially for Easter dinner.
  5. Glazed Ham with Peach-Ginger: is a spicy sauce for holiday meal with varying taste as per the amount of ginger and pepper.
  6. Quiche Lorraine: is very custardy, cheesy brunch added for simple Easter dinner.
  7. Easter Lamb Leg: is marinated leg of lamb, roasted with lemon zest, and garlic.
  8. Italian Easter Pizza: pie stuffed with cheese and meats making tasty dish for Easter dinner.

Other Menu Ideas for Easter Dinner Party:

  • Appetizers: First and foremost thing is arranging appetizers to allow everyone to move around, mingling with each other while enjoying some yummy food. Fruit salads, masala pappad, fresh green salads, meatballs and pita chips are good appetizers.
  • Sandwiches and Burgers: Ham Burgers, chicken barbecue, egg sandwiches, vegetable sandwiches, must be considered while.
  • Dessert: Tasty desserts are also very important in making the dinner menu complete one. Cakes, ice creams are quite common ones, but be creative in the way you organise them.
  • Veggie Plates to be served: It is always good to start with some plates of chopped fruits and vegetables, cherry, cucumber, pineapple, grapes, pomegranate, carrots, green beans and grilled onions. Dipping sauces should be avoided.
  • Optional to serve: Different types of fresh raw nuts, raw almonds, walnuts, cashews are ideal. Mixed fruit jams, raisins, cream cheese, strawberry, dried apricots, peach preserves, dried apples, dry dates, cashews etc. can also be served.
  • Beverage station: Set up a beverage station along with separate area specified for recyclable things like water bottles. 2.25 litre bottles of soft drinks are more preferred over canned beverages. Fresh fruit juices are preferred.


Preparation for the Dinner party must be carefully planned to make it a successful one. Fresh pastries, milk, fruits, vegetables, snacks, cornflakes, vegetable soup, tomato sauce, oysters, fruit juices are good for breakfast menu. Easter Dinner menu is best when added with fish teriyaki seasoning, vegetable curry, strawberry pudding, potato fritters, chicken soup, fruit salads and slices etc. Some of the important factors to be considered while preparing the Easter Dinner are: Number of people expected, age group, your budget, type of food to be arranged (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian), accommodation for guests, timings etc.